Zappagram: Zappa interviews Bluhm

Zappagram: Zappa interviews Bluhm

Hey everyone,

Thanks for joining me for a very special episode of the Zappagram podcast.

Today, I’m talking with Claire and John from the band Bluhm, a dreamy dream-pop band out of Detroit.

Bluhm / Artwork for “Honey I’m Afraid”

We talk about their music and about how they got started. We discuss their journey as artists, their creative process, and about what they’re working on today.

We also dive into a bunch of other fun stuff like the ever-evolving music scene in Detroit.

As an exclusive Zappagram bonus, Claire and John have been kind enough to debut their brand new single “Night Dream” which drops on streaming services everywhere tomorrow, Friday, April 14th.

I’ll be featuring the new song in the podcast at the end of this interview, so be sure to stay till the end for that. I can tell you it’s a beautiful song you definitely don’t want to miss.

You can follow them on Instagram at @bluhmtheband and their music is available on streaming platforms everywhere. Please go listen to them and support them.

Their new single “Night Dream” drops this Friday, April 14th, and we’re debuting it, exclusively, right here, right now on Zappagram.

Thanks for listening everyone.

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