Zappagram #37

Take your protein pills, put your helmet on, let's drive it like we stole it...

Zappagram #37

Hello all you beautiful, music-loving people,

How was your holiday? I hope it was great. Are you ready for a new year? A chance to start fresh? I know I am. 2022 can kiss my ass. It was a suck year in too many ways to mention, but I try to look on the bright side—I’m still here and so are you, so obviously it could’ve been much worse, right?


I’m glad we agree and I’m glad we’re both still here, still doing this thing we do every week.

The weirdest thing I learned this week was that, apparently, Miley Cyrus sang on Morrissey’s new album and now she wants her vocals removed for some reason. Miley Cyrus…and…Morrissey?! What the fuck? That’s just weird. That’s like sushi-flavored ice cream or orange slices on pizza. In other words: disgusting. I haven’t even heard their song and I can tell you it sucks. (Can you tell I’m not a Miley Cyrus fan? At all. Like, not even a little.)

Oh well, before we get on with things, I have to mention this once more:

There are a few more days left in my special holiday promo. From now until Dec 31, annual subscriptions are 50% off! Click below to take advantage while there’s still time.

Okay. That’s the last you’ll hear from me about that special offer. Let’s jump into this week’s news.

Take your protein pills.

Put your helmet on.

Let’s go.

The greatness of a man is not in how much wealth he acquires, but in his integrity and his ability to affect those around him positively.”
Bob Marley


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The latest happenings in the world of music


Specials Singer Terry Hall Died After Pancreatic Cancer Battle
Bassist Horace Panter explained how quickly Hall's health deteriorated this fall, just as the ska band was about to record a new album. [RollingStone]

Martin Duffy, Felt and Primal Scream Keyboardist, Dies at 55
Duffy became a British rock mainstay, also contributing to songs by Oasis, the Charlatans, and the Chemical Brothers. [Pitchfork]

How to Find Discount Taylor Swift Tickets Online
With fans turning on Ticketmaster, your best bet to find 'Eras' tour tickets now is through one of these certified re-sellers. [RollingStone]

Journey’s Neal Schon Hits Bandmate Jonathan Cain with Cease and Desist over Mar-A-Lago Performance
In November, Cain participated in a singalong of “Don’t Stop Believin'” with Trump sycophants at Mar-A-Lago and the performance struck a nerve with Neal Schon, who fired off a cease and desist. [Consequence]

Maxi Jazz, Singer of UK Dance Group Faithless, Dies at 65
"He was a brilliant lyricist, a DJ, a Buddhist, a magnificent stage presence, car lover, endless talker, beautiful person, moral compass and genius," band mates say in statement. [RollingStone]

Morrissey departs label as Miley Cyrus asks to be taken off ‘Bonfire Of Teenagers’
The pop star was previously announced as a guest vocalist on the as-yet-unreleased new album. [NME]

Lana Del Rey Put The Only Billboard For Her New Album In Cop Ex-Boyfriend’s City
Apparently, her ex is a cop in Tulsa, Oklahoma which alone begs so many questions to which we’ll probably never have answers. [Stereogum]

Joe Strummer’s Widow Lucinda Tait on The Clash’s Near Reunion and the Punk Icon’s “Love of Humanity”
"Joe definitely wanted The Clash to play at the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame." [Consequence]

Yo La Tengo paid tribute to the Ramones (with Marky Ramone)
They opened their set with an instrumental cover of "Blitzkrieg Bop" and their encore was all Ramones covers with Marky Ramone on drums and Tommy Kenny, aka the voice of Spongebob Squarepants, singing. [BrooklynVegan]

Brian Johnson Has “Been Told Not to” Discuss AC/DC’s Future Plans
"If I say one thing, it'll be blown out of all proportion." [Consequence]



The Best Music Books of 2022
A history of hip-hop in Atlanta, the definitive Chuck Berry bio, the story of women in country music, Nick Cave stories, and much more. [RollingStone]

Netflix to End Password Sharing in US Beginning in 2023
Account sharers will have to pay an extra fee. [Consequence]

Yes, It’s a Christmas Song: Adam Duritz Reveals the Untold Story of ‘A Long December’
In a very special holiday interview, the Counting Crows frontman shares his most in-depth recollections ever about writing and recording a seasonal classic — and much more. [RollingStone]

Danny Elfman on facing resistance in Hollywood, finally earning respect, and working with Trent Reznor and Iggy Pop
The composer turned Coachella sensation also opens up about his new AI-generated music video, and how performing as Jack Skellington once gave him stage fright. [AVClub]

Movie Studios Can Be Sued for Deceptive Trailers, Judge Rules
The case involved the film Yesterday, which featured Ana de Armas in the trailer even though she was cut from the film. [Consequence]


Read it to believe it


Thinking I Was A Child: Finding Jackson Browne on campus
by Terry Barr
[via Medium]


See it to believe it


Dave Grohl & Jack Black play “The Spirit of Radio” by Rush
This kicks so much ass. Taped last week in front of a live studio audience in Los Angeles at Largo at the Coronet, the guys absolutely slay this one. They definitely did Geddy, Alex, and Neil proud. [via YouTube]


Listen to these recently dropped albums


Weezer: Sznz - Winter EP [listen]


These albums are coming soon



Iggy Pop: Every Loser


Bob Weir: Ace (50th Anniversary Deluxe Edition)Margo Price: Strays • Tycho: Dive (Reissue)


Bad Brains: The Youth Are Getting Restless (Reissue) • Ella Fitzgerald: Live At Montreux 1969 • Guided By Voices: La La Land • John Cale: Mercy • Måneskin: Rush!


The Arcs: Electrophonic Chronic • Elle King: Come Get Your Wife • Green Day: Nimrod (25th Anniversary Edition)Kimbra: A Reckoning • Meg Baird: Furling • New Order: Low-Life (Definitive Edition Box Set) • Pelican: City of Echoes


The Smashing Pumpkins: ATUM – Act 2


Musical happenings of historical significance



Birthdays: Phil Spector (1939) • Lars Ulrich (1963) • Jay Farrar (1966) • Jared Leto (1971) • Curtis Mayfield died aged 57. (1999)


Birthdays: Guitarist, Scotty Moore (1931) • Mike Pinder of The Moody Blues (1941) • Drummer, Terry Bozzio (1950) • David Knopfler (1952) • Youth of Killing Joke (1961) • Hayley Williams of Paramore (1988) • Chris Bell, singer, songwriter, guitarist and founder of Big Star, was killed in a car accident, aged 27. (1978) • Singer, songwriter, guitarist, Delaney Bramlett died in Los Angeles from complications after gall bladder surgery. (2008)


Birthdays: Roebuck “Pop” Staples (1915) • Edgar Winter (1946) • Alex Chilton (1950) • John Legend (1978) • Blues guitarist Freddie King died of heart trouble and ulcers aged 42. (1976) • John Bradbury, drummer of The Specials, died aged 62. (2015) • Lemmy, lead vocalist and bassist with Motörhead died at his home in Los Angeles, California, four days after his 70th birthday following a short battle with an extremely aggressive cancer. (2015)


Birthdays: Marianne Faithfull (1946) • Drummer, Cozy Powell (1947) • Singer, Yvonne Elliman (1951) • Neil Giraldo (1955) • Tim Hardin died of a heroin overdose. (1980) • Three ferrets named Beckham, Posh Spice and Baby Spice were used to lay power cables for a rock concert being held in Greenwich, London, England, (workers were not allowed to dig up the turf at the Royal Park). Organizers found that rods could not push the cables through the tiny tunnels, which frequently bend and dog-leg. The ferrets were eased into tiny nylon harnesses with wires which where then attached to a rope, the animals ran into a series of ducts which were under the stage like rabbit runs, leading the cables with them. The ferrets instinctively make for any hole in the ground and are enticed to the end of the duct by a slab of smelly meat. The New Years Eve concert featured Simply Red, Eurythmics and Bryan Ferry. (1999)


Birthdays: Bo Diddley (1928) • Del Shannon (1934) • Paul Stookey (1937) • Robert Quine, guitarist of Richard Hell and the Voidoids (1942) • Davy Jones (1945) • Patti Smith (1946) • Jeff Lynne (1947) • Tracy Ullman (1959) • Jay Kay of Jamiroquai (1969) • Wesley Schultz of The Lumineers (1982) • George Harrison and his wife Olivia were attacked when an intruder broke into their home. (1999) • The funeral of former Clash singer and guitarist Joe Strummer took place in London. (2002) • Neil Young was made an Officer of the Order of Canada. (2009)


Birthdays: Odetta (1930) • Andy Summers (1942) • John Denver (1943) • Donna Summer (1948) • Tom Hamilton of Aerosmith (1951) • Paul Westerberg (1960) • Scott Ian of Anthrax (1963) • The Beach Boys made their live debut when they appeared at Long Beach Civic Auditorium, California. (1961) • The Kinks made their live debut when they played at the Lotus House Restaurant, London.  (1963) • AC/DC made their live debut when they appeared at Chequers Bar in Sydney. (1973) • Max's Kansas City in New York City closed down. The venue had been a launching pad for such artists as The New York Dolls, Bruce Springsteen and The Velvet Underground. (1982) • Natalie Cole died aged 65 due to congestive heart failure. (2015)


Birthdays: British producer Andy Johns (1952) • Andy Gill of Gang of Four (1956) • Grandmaster Flash (1958) • Hank Williams died of a heart attack brought on by a lethal cocktail of pills and alcohol aged 29. (1953) • Johnny Cash played a free concert for the inmates of San Quentin Prison, California. (1959) • The Clash played the opening night at punk's first real venue, The Roxy Club in London. (1977) • American singer/songwriter Townes Van Zandt died age 52. (1997)

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