The American Government Perpetuates Mass Shootings

Americans endure endless trauma in a country that couldn’t care less

The American Government Perpetuates Mass Shootings
Photo by Chip Vincent / Unsplash

It's no secret that in modern-day America, we are burdened with an endless list of recurring traumatic phenomena that, by any conventional standards, should be considered radically abnormal.

However, as is typical for survivors of sustained trauma, we find ourselves desensitized to the horrors we now collectively accept as part of daily life in this crumbling country, which, for better or worse, we have to call home. Take, as just one horrific example, the now daily occurrence of mass shootings.

An atrocious manifestation of a grievously broken society, mass shootings are now a daily occurrence in the United States. We have no other choice but to move through battlefields masquerading as communities as best we can in an attempt to carry on with the business of our daily lives, hoping we don’t die from such unnatural causes.

Mass shootings now happen with such disturbing frequency that they are no longer considered alarming but merely par for the course—just another typical day in the so-called “land of the free.” For decades now, the constant barrage of mass casualty tragedies has numbed our collective consciousness and has forced upon us an aberrant acceptance of “this is just how it is now.”